Meet our Escape Artists

John Davis

A retired school superintendent with the Department of Defense Schools, John served the children of U.S. military personnel in Europe and Middle East. He also learned about great wine and food. Upon his return to Oregon, he joined our team. Now a bit later he just completed his 1,000th tour (and counting). His guests that day threw him a party at Willakenzie Estate.                




We‘re charmed when it comes to finding talent to lead our tours. Not just drivers, they are expert guides and charming hosts. We call them ‘escape artists’. They’ll help you our ‘escapees’ have a special wine country day.

Larry Landauer

While visiting one of our favorite wineries a few years back, we couldn’t help notice the talented Mr. Landauer who was ably hosting our group. A retired nursery owner, world traveler and carpenter, we're glad to have him on board when he's not off on a new adventure.  

“Aside from being handsome, intelligent, suave and debonair, he is just a really sweet guy that is fun to spend the day with.” - That according to him… as well as our customers. Now that he’s finished his latest project.. his dream home in Roy he’s often available.

Except that is for most of October, when he and Marilyn are laboring to enjoy their visit to Spain.


Stefany Bapst

Stefany is a true Renaissance woman with a flair for life. With a background in the restaurant industry, her input has helped us better pair food to wines during each of our tours.

When she's not securing off the beaten path locations for filming crews in Portland or environs, selling craft ware on Etsy, or surfing the Oregon Coast, Stefany carves out time to lead fun tours that customers love. She’s busy with a filming project (The Librarians) so is out of commission for the time being.


Ralph Stinton

Growing up on the Central Coast of California, Ralph developed an appreciation for agriculture and an admiration for the growing wine region in those parts. Following a career in advertising, he moved to Portland and discovered The Oregon Wine Region. Soon thereafter he launched Grape Escape. Although most days finds him mostly in the office arranging tours, during the Fall months, he’s worked the schedule to get out of the office a bit more to host  tours. He finds it  "A great way to spend time with our customers and invigorate my soul in our beautiful countryside".


Bill Bourque

Following a successful marketing career in the railroad industry, B
ill spent a few years guiding tours and lending his marketing expertise.

He and his wife Susan have just completed a move to the East Coast to be near the family and grandkids.

Bill will be visiting Portland periodically and we’ll hopefully get him out on a tour or two.

In the meantime, he’s hatching a plan to pour Oregon wines at events in the DC area. Cheers to that.


Corey Schuster

    After several years as a civil engineer, Corey found his truer calling

    following his first wine jobs with Arcane Cellars and Owen Roe.

    Since those jobs he’s worked at various tasting rooms around

    Wine Country and in Portland and caught the winemaking bug.

    Now making wine under his own label:Jackalope Wine Cellars, after the

    harvest clears, he’ll be available on occasion to host tours for you.

David Baer

If someone asked me to describe myself, I’d probably go with something like “Ex-Pat New Yorker who Found Nirvana in Portland Oregon.” But does that really describe me?  It does. Partially.

Here’s the David I want to be known as (and aspire to be):

David, the loving (and fun-loving) dad and husband. David, the wine guy. David, the theatre guy. David, the classical music lover.  David,

the teacher and mentor.

We’re happy to have                                                 David onboard as one of our              

accomplished ‘escape

artists’. See which David

resonates for you.

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