Customers enjoy the comfort, ride and views that our Club Wagon vans provide as we traverse the scenic, sometimes rugged Oregon Wine Country.

They also appreciate the way the wineries smile when they see a “Running Grape Vimo” pull up at the allotted time.

Vimos are roomy 15 passenger vehicles, yet for your comfort, we suggest a maximum of 12 in each. That leaves room for you and the wine you’ll likely be purchasing along the way.

Larger Groups

Should your group be larger (13-24), we’ll bring another vimo and guide to host your group. Larger yet (25-36), we’ll add another. And so on... all the way up to 60.

Customers enjoy this approach for groups large and small.  They receive a more personalized experience, yet are still able to visit with the entire group at each winery.

It also allows us to traverse scenic roads or visit smaller wineries other vehicles cannot.

Even Larger Groups

If you have a yet larger group, we can also arrange an appropriate size vehicle that works for you and the wineries we will be visiting that day.

Either way, we’ll handle the details so you can visit the wine country in comfort.