Choosing which wineries to visit can be daunting. They now number well over 600. That’s why customers appreciate our knowledge and the way we craft itineraries with wineries chosen just for them.

Winery Profile

They run the gamut from wineries offering an array of wines to those focusing on high end Pinot noir. From small to mid-size. From rustic to palatial.

Wineries Matched to You

Once we know a bit about your group (types of wines/wineries/experiences you seek), we’ll create a well crafted day with a progression of wineries right for you.

The Less is More Experience

Customers love the unhurried pace of our tours. With an emphasis on quality over quantity, we recommend visits to three wineries (or less) for the optimal day.

Two Levels of Tours..  To better suit you:

  1. The Grape Experience - The options are vast and include most wineries. They vary from those with an array of wines, to ones focusing on high end Pinot noir. Wines vary in styles and pricing. Perfect for those wanting to procure quality wine yet not break the bank.

  2. The Grape-r Experience - This is the choice if you wish to visit wineries not open to the public or see a special winery not offered above. Often these wineries produce limited quantities of high end wines and are perfect for the avid collector. Additional fees apply.

Purchasing Wine

Customers often discover wines that are not available where they live. Should you wish to take some home, we’ll be happy to assist. If you’d like it shipped, we can help.

Tour Type (Time of day)

If you wish to know more about the tours we offer, from the Mini and Full Day to our Dinner Escape, see Private Tours or Semi-Private Tours. If you are ready to book your escape go to Plan Your Escape.


Winery Selection

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